Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer

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Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer is a laboratory instrument designed for mixing and stirring liquid samples. It features a powerful motor that can provide a maximum stirring speed of 2200 rpm and has a stirring capacity of up to 20 liters. The instrument also has an LED display for precise speed control and a user-friendly interface. The compact design and easy-to-use features make the OS20-S an ideal choice for various laboratory applications.

    • High reliability and outstanding performance.
    • A wide range of speed from 50 to  2200rpm.
    • Brushless DC motor for long life, maintenance free and explosion proof.
    • LED screen for monitoring actual speed.
    • Safety circuits allow for safe stop function in anti-stall or overload conditions.
    • Specifications OS20-S
      Max. stirring quantity(H2O) 20L
      Motor type brushless DC motor
      Motor input power 60W
      Motor output power 50W
      Voltage 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
      Power 70W
      Speed range 50-2200rpm
      Speed display accuracy ±3rpm
      Speed display LED
      Overload protection display LED lights
      Max. torque 40Ncm
      Viscosity max. 10000mPas
      Chuck range diameter 0.5-10mm
      Dimension[WxHxD] 83x220x186mm
      Weight 2.8kg
      Protection class IP42
      Permissible ambient temperature and humidity

      5-40°C, 80%RH


    •  Overhead Stirrer
      Cat. No. P/N Descriptions Power supply
      8033100200 OS20-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer , Max. stirring quantity 20L USA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
      Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
      Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
      UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
      OS20-S main body  8033100200  +Universal plate stand18900258  +Crossed stirrer18900071 OS20-S package4  



Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer

LED Digital Overhead Stirrer OS20-S is a laboratory instrument that is designed for mixing and stirring liquid solutions in various laboratory applications.

How does Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer work?

The OS20-S is equipped with a digital LED display that shows the stirring speed, torque, and time, making it easy to monitor the mixing process. It has a powerful motor that can reach a maximum stirring speed of 2200 RPM and can handle a maximum sample volume of 10 liters. The stirrer's compact and durable design allows for easy handling and cleaning.

Benefits of using Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer

The OS20-S uses a magnetic stir bar that is placed in the solution being mixed, and the stirrer generates a rotating magnetic field that causes the stir bar to spin, creating a vortex in the solution that mixes it thoroughly. The speed of the stir bar can be adjusted using the digital display, allowing for precise control over the mixing process.

Where to use Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer

The benefits of using the OS20-S include its ability to mix solutions quickly and efficiently, its precise speed control, and its ability to handle a wide range of sample volumes. It is also easy to use and maintain, making it a popular choice for laboratory applications.

The OS20-S is ideal for use in various laboratory applications such as chemical synthesis, titrations, and dissolution testing. It can be used in a variety of vessels such as beakers, flasks, and test tubes.

Features Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer

The OS20-S features a durable and easy-to-clean aluminum alloy construction, a digital LED display for precise control over the mixing process, a maximum stirring speed of 2200 RPM, and the ability to handle sample volumes of up to 10 liters. It also has a safety circuit that automatically turns off the motor if the stirring bar is blocked or if the sample is too viscous.

Maintenance LED Digital Overhead Stirrer OS20-S

Maintenance of the OS20-S is relatively easy and involves regular cleaning of the stirrer's surface, checking the motor for wear and tear, and ensuring that the safety circuit is functioning correctly. It is also important to regularly inspect the stir bars and replace them as needed to ensure efficient mixing.


Dlab OS20-S Overhead Stirrer in Chemical Solution Inc. (CSI) online store catalog at CA$897, manufactured by Dlab. It is possible to buy the product in bulk and retail. Shipping costs and delivery times are calculated individually, depending on the region and size of the shipment. Payment is made by transfer to the current account.

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