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The Raman Spectrometer LATR-6500 offers high-performance Raman analysis with a compact design, advanced data processing, and easy-to-use software.

LATR6500 is the 4th generation handheld Raman analyzer, with compact size, lightweight (450g), and easy-to-held, it can be widely applied to industries of customs, public safety, |ab, plant, warehouse, deck etc. It can fast detect drugs, precursor chemicals, explosives, gemstones, raw materials, and also fast identify additives, residues of pesticide & veterinary drugs.

Excellent spectral identification algorithm are embedded in Handheld Raman spectrometers to easily identify substance, and enable users to add their own spectral data. It employs Android system, simple interface´╝î5.5" high definition screen, double cameras of 13-mega plus 8-mega taking evidence pictures in the field, multiple modes of inbuilt WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS etc.


LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer

The LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer is a scientific instrument that is used to measure the Raman scattering of light. This scattering occurs when light interacts with a sample and scatters in a way that causes a shift in frequency, which is unique to the chemical composition of the sample.


How does the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer work?

The instrument works by emitting a laser beam onto the sample and measuring the frequency of the scattered light. This allows the instrument to analyze the chemical structure and composition of the sample.


Advantages of using the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer

One of the advantages of using the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer is its ability to provide non-destructive, non-contact analysis of materials, making it ideal for analyzing delicate or precious samples. It is also capable of analyzing samples in a wide range of physical states, including solids, liquids, and gases. Additionally, the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer has high sensitivity and resolution, allowing for accurate and detailed analysis of even small amounts of a material.


Applications of the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer

The LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer is commonly used in various scientific fields, including chemistry, materials science, biology, and physics, to identify and analyze the chemical structure and composition of materials. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry to identify and characterize new compounds.


Features of the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer

Some of the features of the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer include a range of laser options, high throughput, and a compact design that allows for easy integration with other instruments. It also has advanced software capabilities that allow for data analysis and processing.


Maintenance of the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer

To ensure that the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer continues to perform at its best, regular maintenance is required. This includes regular cleaning, calibration, inspection for wear or damage, proper storage, and regular servicing by a qualified technician.

Overall, the LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer is a powerful and versatile instrument that provides accurate and reliable analysis of the chemical composition of materials across a range of scientific fields.

LATR-6500 Raman Spectrometer as listed on the Chemical Solution Inc. (CSI) online store at a price of CA$30,773.00, made by Laboao. You can buy the product in bulk and retail. The cost and delivery time is calculated individually depending on the region and cargo size. Payment is made by transfer to the bank account.

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