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The Vacuum Filter LVF-30 is a versatile and efficient filtration system that provides a continuous and reliable vacuum for laboratory and industrial applications. With its compact design and easy-to-use interface, the LVF-30 is perfect for filtering small to medium-sized batches of liquids, suspensions, and sludges. The vacuum filter features a corrosion-resistant body and a durable filter membrane that can handle a wide range of chemical and biological solutions. Its advanced filtration technology ensures a high level of filtration efficiency and can significantly reduce the time required for filtration processes. The LVF-30 is suitable for a variety of applications, including chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage processing, and wastewater treatment. With its reliability and efficiency, the Vacuum Filter LVF-30 is a valuable addition to any laboratory or industrial setting.

Vacuum suction filter is a laboratory specific filter. It is equipped with microporous membranes with different pore sizes and then vacuum suction filtration. Derived products that are developed on the basis of the existing single-layer glass reactors are mainly used for liquid-liquid extraction and can also be used for room temperature reactions. After practical use, the performance is superior, and has been widely used.


The Vacuum filter LVF-30 is a type of filtration equipment used to remove solid particles and impurities from liquids through a vacuum-assisted process.

How does the Vacuum filter LVF-30 work?

The LVF-30 operates by creating a vacuum within the filtration chamber, which draws the liquid to be filtered through a porous filter medium. The solid particles and impurities are retained on the surface of the filter medium, while the filtered liquid passes through and is collected in a separate container.

Benefits of using the Vacuum filter LVF-30

The benefits of using the LVF-30 include its high efficiency in removing impurities, its ability to handle a wide range of liquids, and its low energy consumption. Additionally, the vacuum-assisted filtration process results in a high-quality, clarified liquid product.

Where Vacuum filter LVF-30 can be used

The LVF-30 can be used in a variety of applications, including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical industries, as well as in wastewater treatment plants. It is particularly useful for removing solid particles from liquids with high viscosity or suspended solids.

Vacuum filter LVF-30 features

Some of the key features of the LVF-30 include its compact design, ease of operation, and customizable filtration settings to suit specific filtration requirements. It also has a durable construction and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Vacuum filter LVF-30 maintenance

Maintenance of the LVF-30 typically involves regularly cleaning and replacing the filter medium, checking and replacing any worn or damaged parts, and ensuring proper operation of the vacuum system. Regular maintenance helps to ensure the continued high performance and longevity of the equipment.

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