Rotary Evaporator LRE-301

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The Rotary Evaporator LRE-301 is a high-quality laboratory instrument designed for efficient and reliable solvent evaporation from samples. Its advanced technology and user-friendly interface provide precise temperature control and quick evaporation times. The LRE-301 is ideal for use in a variety of laboratory settings, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, as well as in academic research settings. Its compact design and durable construction make it a reliable and efficient investment for any laboratory looking to streamline their evaporation processes.

Rotary evaporator is the necessary basic instrument for chemical industry, medicine industry, institutions of higher learning and scientific research laboratory and other units, it is the main means for manufacturing and analyzing experiments when they do extraction and concentration.


A Rotary Evaporator LRE-301 is a laboratory instrument that uses evaporation to separate and concentrate samples.

Rotary Evaporator LRE-301

The Rotary Evaporator LRE-301 works by placing a sample in a flask and rotating it while heating it in a water bath. The rotation helps to spread the sample over a large surface area, which increases the rate of evaporation. The solvent evaporates and is removed by a vacuum pump, leaving behind a concentrated sample.

Advantages of using the Rotary Evaporator LRE-301

The Rotary Evaporator LRE-301 offers several advantages over other separation methods. It allows for efficient and gentle evaporation, which helps to preserve the integrity of the sample. The closed system helps to prevent contamination, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. It is also easy to use and provides precise temperature control.

Applications of the Rotary Evaporator LRE-301

The Rotary Evaporator LRE-301 is used in a variety of laboratory settings, including chemistry, biology, and pharmaceuticals. It is used for the separation and purification of organic compounds, the concentration of solutions, and the removal of solvents from reaction mixtures. It is also used in the production of essential oils, fragrances, and flavors.

Features of the Rotary Evaporator LRE-301

The Rotary Evaporator LRE-301 features a digital temperature control system, a large LCD display, and a powerful vacuum pump. It also has interchangeable glassware, which allows for a variety of sample sizes and configurations. The instrument is designed to be compact and easy to use.

Maintenance of the Rotary Evaporator LRE-301

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the proper functioning of the Rotary Evaporator LRE-301. This includes cleaning the glassware after each use, checking and replacing the vacuum pump oil as needed, and ensuring that all of the components are functioning correctly. It is also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance.


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