Glass Reactor LGR-20L

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The LGR-20L Glass Reactor is a versatile and reliable tool for chemical reactions and synthesis. Its sturdy glass construction and precise temperature control make it ideal for a range of applications.

The thermostated (high temperature or low temperature) hot solution or coolant is injected through a double-layer reactor sandwich, and the contents of the reactor are heated or cooled at a constant temperature, and uniform stirring can be provided. The material is reacted in the reaction kettle, and the evaporation and reflux reaction of the reaction solution can be controlled, and the kettle lid and the stirring system can be raised as a whole, and the kettle body is rotated by 150 degrees, and the relatively thick material can be directly poured out to facilitate the cleaning kettle. The liquid material can also be discharged from the discharge port of the bottom of the kettle, which is extremely convenient to operate. It is an ideal equipment for modern chemical samples, petrochemicals, sample experiments, biopharmaceuticals and new materials.


Glass Reactor LGR-20L

A Glass Reactor LGR-20L is a laboratory instrument designed for chemical reactions under controlled conditions. The reactor is made of borosilicate glass, which is resistant to thermal shock and chemical corrosion, and has a capacity of 20 liters.


How does the Glass Reactor LGR-20L work?

The Glass Reactor LGR-20L works by mixing chemicals inside the reactor vessel and heating or cooling them as needed. The reactor is equipped with a heating and cooling system, as well as a stirrer that ensures even mixing of the reactants. The temperature and speed of the stirrer can be adjusted to achieve optimal reaction conditions.


Advantages of using the Glass Reactor LGR-20L

One advantage of using the Glass Reactor LGR-20L is that it allows for precise control of reaction conditions, including temperature, pressure, and mixing speed. This makes it possible to optimize reaction yields and minimize unwanted side reactions. Additionally, the use of borosilicate glass ensures that the reactor is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.


Applications of the Glass Reactor LGR-20L

The Glass Reactor LGR-20L has a wide range of applications in chemical research and development. It can be used for a variety of chemical reactions, including synthesis, polymerization, and crystallization. The reactor can also be used for process development and optimization, as well as for scale-up of reactions from the laboratory to pilot or production scale.


Features of the Glass Reactor LGR-20L

Some features of the Glass Reactor LGR-20L include a digital display for temperature and stirring speed, a safety shield to protect the user from glass breakage, and a reflux condenser for efficient cooling of reaction vapors. The reactor also has multiple ports for adding and removing reactants and for connecting other laboratory equipment, such as a vacuum pump or a gas supply.


Maintenance of the Glass Reactor LGR-20L

To maintain the Glass Reactor LGR-20L, it is important to clean the reactor thoroughly after each use and to inspect it regularly for signs of wear or damage. The stirrer and other moving parts should be lubricated as needed, and any broken or worn parts should be replaced promptly to ensure safe and efficient operation of the reactor.


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